don't you think banks had it coming using the word faggot and stuff tho?

a long time ago, definitely. but i just don’t need to see her dig a bigger hole for helself than she already has!!! and i feel like she’s the type of person you can’t even approach with that kind of advice because she’ll flip her shit and turn into an arse hole and i’m exhausted


to that other anon: i would not recommend that unless you know that you're over that person. i broke up with my bf and later needed a room and he needed a roommate and it was one of my worst decisions because we both had residual feelings and it got even worse when we had company~ and now i don't even wanna see the guy (we don't live together anymore)

fking hell D:

i hope you see this

Thanks great advice Love! Thank you.


i need some advice. would you become a roommate to your ex lover who has broken your heart, but they don't have anywhere to live and bc you all are some what close and you don't mind there company as a friend?

i’m really not the one to ask for relationship advice tbh, but if i was in your shoes and i was friends with this individual after the relationship had ended (i’m going to assume you’re over the heartbreak???), then yeah i might offer them a room. but only if i was 100% comfortable with just being friends and not feel awkward LIVING with them. which again, since i’ve never been heart broken~ i can’t really tell you anything valid

how do you know who this is. it's very disturbing. i feel violated

i’m just


that gif of the person spreading white liquid? not very classy, fappykins

gay sex is v classy

why are you so full of yourself?


why did your dad leave you?


what are you doing 

so what's your favorite body part?

you know?

would you sleep with someone even if you knew they had a small cock

imo if i was attracted to someone enough to want to sleep with them a small/average penis wouldn’t turn me off

there are so many other body parts tbh

what personality traits attract you most to a person?

a sense of humour is pretty important. i suppose you don’t necessarily have to be funny, but maybe understanding my humour - which admittedly is really silly most of the time - is fine too. (it’d make conversations 1000000x less awkward, because i chat so much shit half the time). although having said that it’s usually a big bonus when people can make me smile/laugh.

confidence??? idk it’s a bit of a weird one because i understand people have insecurities and you can’t really help what you feel insecure about, but i get really uneasy when individuals feel the need to constantly put that on the forefront. like i don’t understand why you would purposely air out that sort of thing other than for attention. like there’s opening up about stuff, and then there’s continuously shedding light on something to make someone feel (unintentionally???) guilty and i feel very weird about that. just focus on the positive and pretend your insecurities don’t exist like i do (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ* ・゚✧ ♥

also i like ppl that are honest/open about themselves, which doesn’t necessarily mean you have to share absolutely everything about yourself, i just really enjoy and appreciate sincerity in people tbh
(EDIT: i realised this may or may not contradict my previous point :S)

also this wasn’t meant to be that long i’m sorry ;_;

is that you in your avatar? cause you look so light skinned in it

yes and yes, i know. the lighting in my room is really erratic, sometimes it’s really dark and other times there’s way too much sunlight and it just makes me look a really odd light brown/purplish colour. plus i have to use the iglasses app because photobooth is really bad at dealing with that kinda thing. i’m actually pretty dark irl so yeah idk :S

stop using that amy winehouse gif it's literally making a joke out of a relapse

well it was never my intention to make a joke out of her?? i’d be the last person to mock her illness, seriously. if that’s the way it’s coming across to people i’ll stop using it

lol nobody's looking at your v neck dude trust me

ew i know

that was the point

oh. you should post the full icon It looks hot ;)

naw sorry vip only