i'm a 20 year old architecture student from london hi


okay, i know i made a top album list for 2011 a couple of days ago, but there were like 25 albums on there, so i’ve managed to narrow it down to 10 lol. (they’re not really in any particular order tbh)

  1. little dragon - ritual union 
  2. patrick wolf - lupercalia
  3. lykke li - wounded rhymes
  4. bjork - biophilia
  5. yelle - safari disco club
  6. clare maguire - light after dark
  7. st. vincent - strange mercy
  8. jamie woon - mirrorwriting 
  9. florrie - experiments 
  10. natalia kills - perfectionist



Freedom | Clare Maguire 

You can tell she has an amazing voice
but yeah her album’s pants as a whole 

lol i liked her album